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Near Momjan, just 3 km from Buje, 15 km from Umag and about ten kilometers from the sea, lies the picturesque Kremenje where we have our family Piero Tavern, opened in 1999. We provide you with the best that traditional Istrian cuisine can offer, all based on products grown near by in a traditional and environmentally friendly way.

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We offer accommodation in five rooms wich are located in the immediate vicinity of the tavern Piero. The rooms are named by aromatic herbs that surround us and they are an essential part of our meals at the tavern Piero.

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Thanks to the many sources of water Momjan was inhabited in prehistoric times, they are talking about and found in caves Cingarela. Momjan affects a wide area with several small hamlets. The diversity of the landscape you will meet the best excursions and walks in Momjan area in the suggestive atmosphere of harmony of man and nature. Apart from Malvasia, Muscat vineyards provide high quality

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"We went here for a quick lunch. We heard, that this place is amazing when it comes to meat, however we were in the mood for pasta. And it was amazin. Fuzi with truffles & fuzi with deer&boskarin (a local cattle). On top the service is amazing."